Brass etching

I would like to try my hand at etching some fine detail components that are not available commercially. I have tried etching copper PCB's in the past so I am reasonably familiar with the safety aspects of handling corrosive chemicals.

Can anybody point me towards material suppliers, websites or even a good book on the subject? Needless to say, any hints and tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.


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On 10/02/2006 17:55, jasper said,

A book worth getting is "Photo Etching" by Brian King & Azien Watkin, number 36 in the Workshop Practice Series. ISBN 1-85486-237-5. This is aimed at ship modellers, but the principles are the same.

A website to look at is

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Here the methods are described, along with a very crude etch tank. A better etch tank is at
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That should be enough to get you going. I have to say that I haven't etched brass yet, although I have done plenty of PCBs. so I can't comment on how to do all this in practise. I am pretty sure though that you won't get the same results as a professional acid spray etch tank!

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