face mills/shoulder mills


Looks like I gotta spring for some. Indexable, for cat40 holders.

Could use a liitle advice...

Tool guy sez a shoulder mill will also face (I guess it *must*!!). But as well as a dedicated face mill? Tradeoffs? It seems, tho, that a shoulder mill will indeed be a general "two-fer-one" ito of function, and that I'd be better off with this.

Next, what are the preferable (not best, but best bang-fer-yer-buck) inserts to use? There are zillions, it seems. My main concerns: clamp type vs. screw-thru hole. Seems to me screw-thru hole is stronger. Sq vs triangular: Square would have more life, no? Extra point?

For face mills, what do you think of round inserts? Seems to me to be more economical, as you have a full 2*pi*R of usable edge.


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