Duluth has a neat set of glasses, non-prescrip, but with a magnifying/reading lens in one corner, "diopter" of yer choice, about $30. Seems to be a neat machinists solution for work, as well as general eye protection. I was telling my hurco buddy about the plant that recently stabbed my eye, and these Duluth glasses, and he told me his saga:

*Cast iron powder* in his eye, which was no real problem until.... it RUSTED!!! Hadda get his whole goddamm cornea scraped, which he said wasn't painful right then and there, but hurt like a bastard for a long while afterwards. One normally fears shattered grinding wheels, wire projectiles from wire wheels, hot lathe chips, shattered face mill inserts, etc., but not something seemingly innocuous like cast iron powder. Go figger. Time to start taking this shop safety stuff seriously.

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