Cold saw question

I saw a massive Hitachi miter saw in a pawn shop yesterday for $100. It was

3340 rpm, and I thought that fast for a cold saw. So, I passed. When I got home, I discovered that real cold saws have a very slow rpm.

What should I look for in a cold saw at a pawn shop?


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Steve B
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A typical cold saw would weigh 500 lbs and be three phase powered, unlikely to be found in a pawn shop. It would have a big ass motor (3 honest HP) and a beefy gearbox.

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My cold saw is non-ferrous only, and the blade tip speed is comparable to that of a wood saw.

It was positively frightening at first. Now I grin wide when I think of how much shorter my cycle times are now.

I use 29db reduction ear muffs when I operate it.

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You got one of them high-speed screamers w/ mist? We had one for a while, it woke up the whole neighborhood, but cut through

2-3" solid round alum in *seconds*, jack, seconds. Only problem was, the least glitch in the goddamm coolant, and you were picking welded alum out of the carbide for the next 1/2 hours. :) :( Indeed, frightening is the word. Nobody liked to operate that g-d saw.
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