HF Cold Saw

Hi all,

Anyone else notice the $650 Circular Cold Saw in the last full HF catalog? It's not in the stores and not on the website, but it's there in the catalog.

Better yet, anyone buy one yet and have an opinion of it?

Larry A

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I saw the ad. I'd like to have a cold saw, but I'm a bit leery of spending that kind of money without some good feedback about the saw.


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Gary Coffman

--A couple of important things to look for on a cold saw:

-How good is the filter on the coolant pump, and how hard is it to get to, to clean it? -How big is the sump? -Is there a slip-clutch on the blade spindle and is it adjustable? -Does it use "standard" blades, i.e. ones with 3 holes (2 to engage drive pins)? -Does it have 2 speeds?

--No doubt others will have other items to add to this list, but these are a few things that come to mind when I think about my old beater. And no, it ain't for sale.. ;-)

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I see pretty decent used cold saws going for $500 or so on ebay, at least in the NY area.

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