cold saw blades TPI?

Now that I have a cold saw which came with one rusty-ass blade, I
need to understand how many teeth per inch to order on cold saw
blades. Also, are M2 HSS blades sufficient? I do mainly ferrous
cutting on structural shapes of 1/8-5/16" material thickness.
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Grant Erwin
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Well, there is that old rule: At least 3 teeth cutting. You'll have problems with that on tubes with a wallthickness of 1mm or the like. But having cut *many* tubes with blades in the 6 TPI-range I can tell you that it works as good. As you wanted a vernier, I guess you want precision work. So go for the finest blade you can get and a coarser one if you need to cut solid stock.
We had HSS-blades and later used ones with segmented teeth that could be replaced. I don't think it is worth the extra cost.
HTH, Nick
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Nick Mueller

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