cold saw features - update

I searched for a cold saw recently, and also asked a lot of questions.
One of the questions I asked was "do cold saws come with nice vernier angular
plates so you can do miter cuts with more precision". I was told no, they
don't. The first few I looked at didn't, but the one I hauled home today
sure does. The turntable is maybe 20" in diameter, the angular measuring is
clean and crisp, and the vernier plate is about five inches wide, with 20
gradations on it, which means you can achieve 1/10th of a degree precision
in either direction. It's made by Kaltenbach, and oh, man is this one going
to be a project. I drove nearly 800 miles since Friday pulling a utility
trailer to get the cold saw and also (different trip) a 3-phase transformer
Man, I sure hope it works.
Grant Erwin
Kirkland, Washington
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Grant Erwin
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Oh! You got something nice! Didn't know about the vernier.
Have fun with your cold saw. Nick
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Nick Mueller
You know it will work, you just hope its not too much work to make it work!
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Karl Townsend

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