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Hi guys, I want to build a dumping fifth wheel trailer, using 2, 3500lbs torqueflex axils.

Does anyone know of any sites showing the details or plans for such a trailer, or any one selling plans that would show all the details for a dumping fifth wheel trailer of that size. I am mostly interested in the size of metal, channel or sq tubing to use. Being dumping, it is like having two frames. I would prefer to use square and rectangular tubing.

Thanks Eric

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Eric J. Comeau
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has plans for a 7000 lbs gross capacity dump trailer. It uses a conventional tongue type hitch, not a gooseneck but I think it could be adapted.

I've been considering a similar project. One problem that I've heard about is that many hydraulic systems seem to be undersized and when trailers are loaded to their rated capacity, they won't dump! This is something to be careful of when building one.


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Bob Thomasson

By "torqueflex", I think you mean rubber torsion tube axle.

Last year I built a single axle torsion tube trailer. It is a 6000 lb rated single axle, with 13" disk brakes. I think you can get an

8000 lb rated single axle torsion tube axle; you might want to think about that. I used 3x6 0.23 wall tubing for the frame. Mostly for visual effect I tapered the frame by cut+weld of the sidewall of the tubing.

The problem with multiple torsion tube axels is there is no good multi-axle balance mechanism on the market. You can make your own, but serious metal work is involved.

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