Finding Local Hobbyist/Machinists

I'm in the NYC area and wanted to ask if there is a go-to site for getting in touch with local hobbyists who may be able to do small projects. (As opposed to going around looking for forums to make requests on).

My lathe is out of commission at the moment and I thought that until I get it running again I'd entertain the idea of having a couple of simple projects done by someone else if it is plausible.

The first project entails cutting off and then turning a groove into a

1/4" shaft(joystick) for an E-clip.

The second involves making a pulley shaft for an electric motor I won on Ebay.


Darren Harris Staten Island, New York.

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Robotics club?

See if there's a maker-space or similar, and put a notice on their bulletin board?

See if there's a maker-space or similar with a lathe, join, and go turn the parts yourself?

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Tim Wescott

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