Flood coolant?

What do y'all use for flood coolant? I've been using TriCool but have a problem with evaporation. Is there something that will not disappear so rapidly? Stuff tends to foam a bit more than I like as well.

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How about a water-soluble oil? I use it in my rotary surface grinder and lathe.

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I do the same and have been rather happy.

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High sulphur based cutting oil. No toilet water for me, except in the mist sprayer, which seldom gets used. Then its KoolMist.

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My favorite is BioCool 500, a synthetic whatever that means. "The Kid" got me several pails while at a previous job. I find that the mix gets richer as it evaporates - you're only losing water not oil. I got a coolant % tester off eBay. When it gets over 7%, I add 3% coolant, saves almost half. Otherwise, I add 5%. 3, 5, and 7 percent feel different; you could just thin your adds when it starts feeling too oily.


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