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Just received the following in an email from Enco.

"Happy New Year! This month we're offering you FREE UPS SHIPPING (standard ground) with your order of $50 or more. Just use promo code FS14 at checkout when you purchase from

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or call 1-800-USE-ENCO and speak to one of our friendly sales associates. Make sure you mention promo code FS14 and hurry, this offer expires February 29, 2004."

Thought I would share.


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Very kind of you.... Thanks. Paul in AJ AZ

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A kindly offer, indeed, but one is left asking "Why, even with free shipping, would one want to give a spammer any quantity of money whatsoever?"

(If this was a non-spam mailing from Enco, I withdraw the question)

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Don Bruder

Regularly, some of us on this NG get offers from ENCO. This offer for free shipping on orders of over $50.00 is one of them. We post them so that readers on this NG who do not get these email offers can save a couple of bucks. If you consider ENCO a source of spam, that's your business.



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Marv Soloff

Wrong answer! I conditionally withdrew it in the original post. It appears that the condition for withdrawal has been met, therefore, the question has already been already withdrawn automatically!

Hah!!! Thoughcha ya had me, dincha? :) :)

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Don Bruder

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