Free Enco Shipping on Orders $50 and Over For August

Any one have the code yet? Thanks, Steve
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I believe free shipping is on $200 orders this month.
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Steve wrote in message ...
74CFS2, got it off the back of the sale flyer, not email this time, good on orders over $50.
Michael no xx's in address
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Michael Cameron
That's weird - that's the same code I got via email, but for a $200 order! Bob
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Bob Engelhardt
On 4 Aug 2004 19:25:54 -0700, (Steve) calmly ranted:
My catalog came today and the coupon is for FREE UPS SHIPPING on orders over $50. Code 84FSNR
That kinda rules out free shipping on a 2-ton mill. UPS don't do dat.
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Larry Jaques

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