Enco over $50 free shipping code

I just realized missed putting in my January Enco order and thus the
free shipping code.
Anyone have the Febuary code and would post it?
Thanks, - Reed
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appreciate it, thanks, - Reed
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Reed, it's WEBNRFB6 for the month of Feb.
-- Joepy
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I just recently got an Enco master catalog, and am signed up to get the sales flyers. I also just got my first order from them. Where do these free shipping codes show up -- special email, flyers, or ??
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Andrew H. Wakefield
On Mon, 6 Feb 2006 08:37:58 -0500, with neither quill nor qualm, "Andrew H. Wakefield" quickly quoth:
Please don't toppost.
They come via email. Go to
formatting link
and enter your email address in the box which says "Enter Email Address for Special Offers"
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Please don't bottom post.
snipped-for-privacy@diversify.com wrote:
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Please see MIDDLE post halfway down:
---------------------------------------------------- MIDDLE POSTED TO IRRITATE EVERYONE!
Thanks for the info, Larry -- I just entered my info in the "special offers" box; hopefully I'll see some results before long.
MIDDLE POSTED TO IRRITATE EVERYONE! ----------------------------------------------------
Please see MIDDLE post halfway up
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Andrew H. Wakefield

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