Rusty Files & Grobet vs Nicholson?

I moved a few years ago, during a hot & humid summer. A fair amount of
stuff got stored where it got exposed to humidity, and a number of tools
that had been fine in my basement shop with a dehumidifier got
some surface rust.
I have a couple dozen files that seem to be worse than other items. I
suspect it's from handling the files with my corrosiove perspiration,
leaving salt deposits which then were activated by the humidity. Instead
of a little brown discoloration, I have red fuzzy areas.
The few files I've tried seem to cut OK, but it's hard to tell. I was
wondering if they have likely been damaged, or possibly slightly
sharpened, a la the acid sharpening technique that gets mentioned here
occasionally. I have one file I use all the time on my lathe that
definitely is a bit dull, and I plan on replacing it. I was wondering if
I should replace some of the other while I'm at it.
I'm also curious to hear folks opinions on whether the factor of two
increase in price for Grobet files over Nicholson is worth it.
Doug White
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Doug White
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I like donating my old files to a newbie. I beadblast mine with fine glassbeads and when their done their done.
It's amazing how a file works and truly astonishing in the hands of an expert. I'm still practicing. Most files I have last a copula years then they are recycled to someone less fortunate.
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