Fuel Oil Tank to Incinerator

I've got an old ~200 gal. heating fuel oil tank that I
want to cut open and turn into an incinerator for brush
and dead branches. I'll be using a destruct-o saw
(reciprocating saw with bi-metal blade) to cut the top
quarter of the tank off to be used as a lid with hinges.
Is there any risk of fire from the fumes from #2 heating
oil while doing this cutting? The tank has been drained,
but still has residue in it. I suspect its nothing to
worry about, but I thought I'd check here first to play
it safe.
FYI, I plan to attach an old squirrel cage blower, belt
driven with an old washing machine motor, to one end
of the tank near the bottom to provide increased air-
flow to the fire and hence more smoke-free incineration.
A grate will be installed inside of the tank above the
level of the blower to allow the air to flow up from
underneath. At the opposite end near the top I plan to
install an 8" elbow and then a 3' stack pipe with spark
arresting screen on top it. A pair of wheelbarrow
wheels and "handle bars" will make it portable around
the yard.
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Artemia Sal> I've got an old ~200 gal. heating fuel oil tank that I
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