Fukushima nuclear plant up close from chopper

Kind of a shaky video, but a few times through and you will begin to
get a feel for just how extensive the damage there is. In reactor
number three, you can see massive amounts of exposed rebar, indicating
the concrete was blown right off the reinforcement rods of the
containment vessel. Steam is coming from what appears, to me, to be
the hole left where the containment cap blew off. It's kind of hard to
make out clearly in this video. I believe the reactor vessel itself is
exposed. If it wasn't, the recent videos of helicopters flying loads
of seawater to dump on it would make no sense. They are dumping it
right on the exposed reactor vessel and into what is left of the
primary containment.
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There is another version of this video on LL too. More shaky then this
one, but close to the end they film what appear to be spent fuel rods
scattered all over the ground, said rods probably having been ejected
from the cooling pools above reactor 3.
This is an accident that now is much worse then even Chernobyl. A
major portion of the Japanese mainland has been rendered uninhabitable
for the next 20,000 years of so.
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Japanese are very fortunate to have this learning experience, eh?
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You don't give a shit about the Japanese.
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John Doe
So you're shaking your head No?
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