Garvin Horizontal Mill

Not much written or recorded on the Web regarding Garvin horizontal
Milling Machines.
I'd be interested in exchanging photos or info on a Model 13 I picked
up. Mine does not quite look like the one shown on the UK site, so I'm
a bit curious.
It has a Bridgeport M head added to the Top, and I currently have the
whole thing completely disassembled, repainted, and almost ready for
reassembly, well, once I wrestle the heavy base into my basement.
Its only weak spot is the table itself. Someone just didnt know where
to quit, and it is scarred up pretty badly. Worse yet, It has one edge
of the t-slot "tore up", with a small crack along the edge. I will
need to see if that can be welded succesfully before that goes back
Your observations on Garvin's #13 are welcome.
Chris L
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Chris L
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