tilting rotary table - opinions?

Has anyone had experience with the Phase II model BM200-1915 10"
tilting rotary table currently $100 off in the enco catalog
($849.95). It has handwheels for both tilt and rotation and looks
like it might have potential to easily cnc to give me a 4th and 5th
axis for my bedmill. I am not familiar with the phase II brand, but
they generally have more accuracy in the specs than the enco brand
stuff. It weighs 175 pounds, which is a pain to take on and off the
table, but my machine can easily handle that (7000 pound shizuoka
bedmill). I am happy with three axis capability, but the other day I
could have *really* used a 4th axis, and I am interesting in doing
some 3d models in wax for a new mmprpg game my wife (software
engineeer - I married well :-p )works on.
Thanks for any opinions,
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Dear Rick, I have a Phase II 8" rotary table, and I am very pleased with its quality. For a Chinese made tool, it is quite well made. The only cleaning I had to do when I got it was to remove the grease and some rust-preventing paper that was stuck to it. All I had to do was clean it up and start using it. The design is most likely pretty basic, but it is solid and leaves a nice finish on milled surfaces. I would highly recommend the Phase II brand.
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I have a tilting rotary table that is too big for my Rockwell mill. With the knee all the way down, I have to tilt the mill head and tilt the table to make a cut with the four jaw mounted on the rotary table.
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Clark Magnuson
Hi Rick:
Yeah, I bought one of those recently. Very good value for the price. Machines accurately and you can trust the locational dimensions in the instruction manual. Only thing that bothers me is that I can't get the grease fittings to work. Haven't had time to take it apart to see if oil is getting in.
We've only used the tool a couple of times to make some very complex 5 axis prototypes (on a 3 axis VMC). Since there were very few parts to make, we just cranked the table by hand, haven't tried to modify the table to hook it up to steppers or servos.
Anyway, it is good value for the money. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Best Regards,
Joe O.
Joe Osborn
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