Gear hobber gear train set-up

For those using conventional gear hobbers:
- After determining the ideal ratio needed to fabricate a helical gear,
how do you determine the best combination of (A/B)*(C/D) in your
gearbox that closely approximates the ratio?
- how often do you need to change your gear setup?
- how long does it usually take for you to find the right values for A,
B, C, and D? (half an hour? an hour?)
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Mark Maglana
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This can indeed be a difficult problem for odd sizes. Here's a web site that has a great discussion group on hobbing, and offers computer software to solve the gear train setup:
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FWIW, hobbing for the hobbyist has been a great interest of mine. Electronic gearing is the solution for this problem. You slave the index drive to the spindle. Everything can then be done on a knee mill and indexing head. A fellow named Jon Stevenson has one up and running. Another fellow, named Don Foreman, has designed and built a better brainbox. Just for me. He'd be glad to share with anyone. I was all set to have it running last winter until more urgent matters intervened.
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Karl Townsend
The very current issue of Model Engineer's Workshop, the British mag, has an article on gear hobbing which uses electronic synchronization.
Karl Townsend wrote:
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Grant Erwin
Marv Klotz has a program to do just that, I think.
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That might not be the best of his programs though, there might be something better suited.
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Yes, GEARATIO. He may also want to take a look at GEARFIND. Both are free for the downloading.
Regards, Marv
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Marvin W. Klotz
The performance on these applications is not that good. I'm going to build my own gear set finder instead. It will have the ability to search for 2-gear, 4-gear, and 6-gear combinations. I'm also going to put in the ability to remember configurations for multiple machines, as well as a ratio calculator.
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Mark Maglana

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