Great new Lathe for Model Engineers

My new Proxxon PD-400 lathe arrived this afternoon ! Wow, what a
machine !!! I am absolutely thrilled with it !! The construction
quality, fit, finish, robustness, and attention to detail are simply
fantastic !!
For those of you who are not familiar with this machine, it is made in
Germany and has the following general specs:
Specifications: PD400
Swing 6.69"
Centers 15.75"
Bore 0.807"
Spindle taper MT #3
Spindle RPM 80-2400 RPM
No. of spindle speeds 6 speeds, 2 ranges
Cross slide travel 3.346"
Tailstock quill diameter 0.94"
Tailstock taper, Morse MT #2
Tailstock quill travel 1.56"
INCH threads 10-48 tpi
METRIC threads (19)0.2-3.0 mm
Main motor AC 550 Watts, 0.8 HP
This is truly a quality machine so far above the Chinese stuff that I
would not even compare them. If you are looking for the next step up
in size above the Taig and Sherline equipment and quality and accuracy
are important to you, this is the machine for you. And at a price
under $2,000 delivered, it is a real bargain.
Some of the immediate things to notice is this is a REAL lathe with a
lead screw and the ability to disengage the carriage for hand racking
the carriage around when threading. Solid steal base and ground ways,
wide variety of tooling available. Reversible spindle motor. The
change gears for threading are of high quality steel, not plastic like
the Prazi and some others. Beautiful quick change tool holder. Very
nicely done dials, made out of metal and finely engraved. Nice metal
adjustment wheels as well. I bought mine with a three jaw chuck,
collet spindle with a full set of collets, four jaw chuck, and face
plate for turning between centers. It also comes with a very nicely
done tail stock, easily adjustable.
This lathe has only recently become available on the American market
(just like the Germans to keep all the good stuff for themselves ;-)
Jason at Old Foundary Toy Works ( is a dealer and
got me all set up. You can read more about the lathe at:
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This is a very important new entry in the model engineering size lathe
for the home shop machinist.
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Thanks for the post -
Nice nice machine.
Have fun. This looks like the "one you want" rather than the "one you settle for).
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"Lathe PD400 is unequalled in its class! If you search for an equally good in this class, perhaps you'll waster your time!" Do they employ the same translator as the Chinese? In exchange for a new lathe, I will edit their English ad copy.
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I've already made that offer to the manufacturer of my Haian lathe, but I don't think they understood!
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Tom Miller
For 2 Large I'd expect a QC box. - - Rex Burkheimer Fort Worth TX wrote:
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Rex B
Now that you mention it, it sure does.. If it is, I would certainly consider it more offensive than the guy offering power fasteners a while back- at least he was honest with his presentation.
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I didn't disappoint the OP, but I doubt that Proxxon has something to do with a real lathe. Yes, I've seen them (Proxxon is a known brand in Germany), and no, they aren't of the best quality (except their Dremmel-type stuff). They use a lot zinc or aluminium, where steel or CI would be appropriate. IIRC, Proxxon has only one lathe in their program. For the same money, I would buy a chinese lathe (sad but true).
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Nick Müller
There were some accusations thrown about on the Village Press board in the last day or so over a similar post from what sounds like the same poster. Based on the resulting discussion, it appears that he's more of an excited new owner rather than a spammer.
At least he's not trying to foist his religious beliefs on anyone :=)
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Mike Henry
They have two - there's a 7x12, and a smaller one.
Over here, the Proxxon 7x12 costs about twice as much as a Chinese one.
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Tom Ivar Helbekkmo

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