Haldex Motor wiring

I know 110 v motor wiring has been covered some before but i have a
couple questions about my setup i was hoping somebody could help me out
Haldex hydraulic power pack motor.
7 wire.
p1 -- says 'under ground line'. Is that the ground wire?
p2, t8, t3 -- tape together
t2, t5, t4 -- It looks like in the diagram as though i join these all
together and run them to one line? Is that right? So then where does
the second line run to?
My hydraulic bender thanks you in advanced.
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Hey Jon,
According to my little US MOTORS handbook, you are describing a Single Phase, Dual Voltage, with capacitor start, and Thermal Protection. It is hooked up and being used on Low Voltage, to run Counter-clockwise, EXCEPT the part about the "under-ground" (??? me too).
HIGH CCW P1 4&5 2-3-8 P2 VOLTAGE CW P1 4&8 2-3-5 P2
LOW CCW P1 2&4&5 P2-3-8 ---- VOLTAGE CW P1 2&4&8 P2-3-5 ----
Assuming that you have a data plate that shows either a 110/220....OR..a 220/440, from what you said you need to determine what it was hooked up as "before", and be sure that is still what you want. ( if there is ANY doubt, hook it up as the higher voltage first, using the "chart" above.)
If it were me, and I was sure of the voltages, I'd hook your feed wires as:
Black.....................to....... P1 tag
Red (or white??)... to....... tags T2-T4-T8 (joined together) and make sure that P2-T3-T8 is all joined too.
Then hook your green or bare ground wire from the feed box to a convenient place on the motor frame.
It is just possible, I mean it is possible, that someone else was running it on one hot leg and the "ground", to get half-voltage or something.
If the above ASCII diagram doesn't "work", drop me a line direct at snipped-for-privacy@ciaccess.com, and I'll send it as a Word.doc or something.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
Hey Brian,
Well the motor is brand new, never been hooked up before, but yes the diagram is confusing that it came with. I think you answered my question though. I'm going to try and hook up the p1 line to black, and t2,4,5 to white, and ground the motor frame as you reccommend....and yes i want Low voltage CCW operation. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks.
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yep that worked like a champ...the bender is up and working great....thanks for your help!
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