He-man strength contest

I was at a local Strongest Man competition in Taft last weekend, and Mark Wieber was in it. Wieber could only do 43 one-handed pull-ups. The winner was some old guy in his 70s, who did 56. The old guy probably could have done more, though, because the old coot forgot to undo the lap belt on his wheelchair and he was hauling all the extra weight.

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the late Mark Wieber
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Too bad you weren't there earlier when the grandstand was tilting a half degree. Wieber spotted the problem immediately, and fixed it using his dick as a lever and six empty smoke packs as a fulcrum. Attendees didn't even bother to get up once they knew that the infamous Wieber was on the case. One participant, apparently a past "friend" of Wieber's wife, was heard laughing and saying "good old Wieber, still making life easy for us."

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