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Been in the shed since 3am and no sign of the man in the red coat
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But anyway Happy Christmas everyone.
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Bill, but the 'white coats' are probably on the way if you've been there since three. And would you buggers stop calling your place of pleasurable endeavour a 'shed''s a 'workshop' My wife won't let me go to the 'shed' but the workshop, now thats another matter entirely - you can impress the neighbours with a 'workshop'. (I don't actually have any neighbours so that's probably where it's all going wrong!)
Ain't it quiet round here without John, do you think he's still in some ratty old marquee at Heathrow, or perhaps he's been asked by the Diplomatic Service to lend a hand and pop over the States to advise them where they're going wrong? God knows, they need help. ..... and the kiddies they're all obviously playing with their model aeroplanes.
Words alone cannot describe how much I'm enjoying a bottle of Piesporter Michaelsberg Kabinett Riesling Vintage 2004 at this particular moment. God's in his heaven and all's well with the world, well my bit of it, at the moment. Cheers Nick und freunden!
Whoops, I'm being called to heel....yes dear. just coming dear.
Merry Christmas all.....anybody need any mangelwurzels with their turkey? --
Chris Edwards (in deepest Dorset) "....there *must* be an easier way!"
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Chris Edwards
Chris It could be different in deepest Dorset but I doubt it. (It is nice to know were people come from) but up north if you call your place of pleasurable endeavour a "Workshop" the neighbours (if they are a bit funny) and of course the planning department of the council think a workshop, he must be doing jobs for money and running a business from that workshop. Not long after a visit from the planners the letter from the tax man comes.
All of these, funny neighbours, planners and tax men are the ones that need the men in white coats. I have been down that road with a workshop. Mine is a "SHED" is called a "SHED" and will always be a "SHED" and I am sure if you get a visit from any of the three above in white, red or even pinstripe coats I bet before long your workshop will be called "SHED" and will be the same as mine a shed fitted out like a "workshop" called a "SHED"
As for John, is he with Katan from Arceuro. He closed down for Christmas on the 19th December and not open again until the 8th Jan 2007. But come back John we need you.
Just as a side came in from the shed at 8am took the wife a coffee and told her the man in the red coat had been. Opened the presents. Mine 3/16" stainless steel balls and a gas light, back in the shed to use the stainless steel balls. Happy Christmas.
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