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Back in 2019 I mentioned it here on this group, and it had been in use a while before that. I couldn't find when I had originally purchased it. It finally started having failures a couple days ago. This was the Rigid Pro Grade hose from the big box store. I seem to recall it was around 35-40 dollars. Looks like its almost $50 to replace it now.

I use it everyday to get the bulk of chips out of machine cabinets. (No fancy chip management in my shop sadly.) I'm actually still using it even though its failing. Looks like all those metal chips have worn through the inner side of the pleats in a couple places.

Given the volume of sharp metal chips that go through it everyday I don't think that's to bad. A lot better than the hoses the vacuums come with. I might just go buy a couple more of them.

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Temporary bodge mends using plastic tape and cotton string to pull into the folds? Had a Vax hose mended like that about 15 years ago still in use, not heavy wear out use like yours.. C+

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Based upon your usage have you tried or considered a section of Flex Sealtight Conduit?? I am sure it will be a bit heavier but depending on a number of unknown factors that could be a plus or a minus.

Just a thought...................


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That would last forever, but I don't think sealtite has a lot of flexability and is heavy.

For keeping plastic chips under control I just switched to wood workers dust collection hose, much more flex than shop vac hose. Connected to some 2-1/2" loc-line with a magnetic mount keeps the chips on the lathe under control.


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There are a few types of liquid tight flex conduit. Solid plastic which is quite tough, and relatively stiff, and plastic coated metal which is a little less stiff, but the plastic is not as tough. I don't think either would be flexible enough for a free hand used vacuum cleanup hose, but they might work in some mechanically limited applications. I use some of the smaller solid plastic to route air lines to the quick change spindles on a couple of my mills. I left a relatively large loop so it has plenty of room to move as the head goes up and down.

I noted McMaster Carr has chip resistant hose for around the same price per foot as the pro grade box store hose. I may try some of that. They also have some much more expensive hose of course. LOL.

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Bob La Londe

Get yourself a hunk of suction hose for a water/trash pump . it's a lil stiff but not as stiff as non metallic liquid flex conduit . animal

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