Help figuring out what insert I need needed

Its my last day at this wonderful job and I need to tell them which insert to order for their insert milling cutter they never used till now. I can not figure out how they identify inserts by size with their included circle business. Insrt is 1/4 thick and trianglular with 1/2 in sides. So what size is this? Thanks in advanced Anyone need a lousey machinist at an interesting job? Rosco

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There are lots of places to get help, but why not just leave a good web-site for the guys you are leaving behind.

Any supplier you buy form should be able to assist you and identify what you have now too.

For your own purposes, Machinery's Handbook in the later versions has a descriptive of each element of the "part number" for inserts. Look under "Cutting Tools" section or the Index for "carbide, cutting tools".

Take care. Good luck with a new "interesting" job.

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

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Brian Lawson

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