help me ID this facemill

some day I'll learn to quit gambling on "mystery tools" - this is an e-bay purchase, a "metric" facemill, it was called. Diameter is 4 inches, or 100 mm (I'll believe the 100 mm, you will see why in a sec). It takes 3 carbide trapazoid cutters, and is beautifully built out of a silvery metal (satin chrome?). On the part that would mate with a face mill holder, it says: WKH PDM 0/ 100/3 (where the 0/ represents a zero with a slash through it) DIN 138

There are no other markings. The hole that would mate with the arbor center post is 26.88 mm or 1.05 inches (measured with a mitutoyo digital caliper), the driving slots are .4915 inches/12.49 mm

So, here are some questions for you folks who know things

  1. manufacturer? anyone recognize WKH??
  2. is this actually designed to mount on a 1 inch face mill holder (If I had a 1 inch facemill holder I could figure that out easily, but I don't).
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I don't have a clue about the manufacturer. You might be able to mount it on a connmon shell mill arbor, they're fairly common in high quality name-brand and generic imported types.

If the center of this cutter head is recessed, it would probably mount on a shell mill arbor, and the washer and screw head would fit up into the recess/counterbore.

I would think the hole should be closer to 1.00", so did you drop a zero? Instead of 1.05", maybe 1.005", (which might actually have a very slight taper).

Shell mill arbors are available in various spindle types, with drawbar threads on the back end. The driving tang slots and tapped holes (for securing the tangs) are provided, and the tangs could require sizing for the slots in the cutter head.

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