Help to choose speed control for a DC Motor

Please help me to choose a variable speed control for a DC motor I just got an electric DC motor that came from Graco GM5000 air sprayer. I want to use it on my belt grinder to make it variable speed. What kind of speed control I would need for this motor.

Here is the DC motor specs:

2 HP 130 Volt AMPS 18.0 / Max AMP 40.0 Type DF Torque 38 F.F. 1.38 Serv. Factor 1.0 Encl. TEFC

Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks

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Check out surplus center in NE... they have a controller that will go to 130 volts... but 18 amps is the big bear and not many controllers I know of will go to 18 amps.

BUT.. you will probably never pull a full load -- and if you do, just make sure you are fused correctly so it will blow first

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Steve Koschmann

My first thought, which may or may not be helpful, is to go back to that sprayer and try to remove whatever control it had. Even if it does not fit your purpose exactly, even though it may actually do exactly what you want. If it does not do what you want, sell it and buy the one that does.

I recently bought a 1.5 HP DC motor with 3 phase control for $20 and sold for $190. The owner did not want to sell me the second one, and ended up scrapping it without even removing it from equipment (he was closing down his factory). He forgot that I wanted the second motor. He is a nice guy and he was, obviously, quite distraught.

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