What do you need to check for when buying a used DC motor with speed control

I am buying a used DC motor with speed control. It's rusted and looks like it was heavily used. What should I check for to make sure it works properly?

Speed control is Speed-a-matic PN2400-8000 (1/4 to 1HP for 115VAC and 1/2 to 2 HP for 230 VAC ) Input 14.5 A max Outpt 10 A max

Motor Baldor# CD3475,

3/4 HP, volts 90A/100/50F, amp 7.8/.6/1.2F, RPM 1750
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Looks like your getting a shunt wound motor because of the field rating on the motor. Not a minus, at all. Rust might not be a problem if the motor is free and bearings feel smooth and tight. You might need a heat sink for the controller (I'm not familiar with that one). IF the price is right........ As long as there are no apparent "smoke holes" on the controller, you really won't know until you hook it up and run it. Respectfully, Ron Moore

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Don't ever get a motor that's painted blue. Something in the blue pigment interferes with the magnetic flux density, measured in oersteds (OE), directly corelating to the shade of blue. Although the force due to the magnetic field may be different in different hue values because magnetic fields transform into electric fields under Lorentz transformations unless the motor is alligned with magnetic north, not true north. Initial rotation will depend on the position and phase of the moon and obviously which hemisphere the motor will opperate in.

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You know, I didn't know that.

You learn something every day!


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At last! I've embraced my true destiny as a technical writer!

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