High Friction soft sticker type material

We are making a computer programmed robot that works according to a
program, that picks up various objects with a claw and places them
into certain spots according to the program.
The problem is that I have some slippery objects (pencils with
newfangled paint that is very slippery) and they slip out of the
It is not easy to increase the strength of the claw, so, I was looking
for some soft material that has an adhesive side and provides a lot of
friction on the other side, but NO sticking (not like glue).
Anyone knows what I can buy that would work?
An example of a high friction material are those car cell phone mats
that keep the phone in one place on the car dash.
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Rubber weather stripping for doors . Comes on different thicknesses and degrees of stiffness . Or maybe some strips of that cellphone mat stuck on with double stick tape .
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Terry Coombs
That sounds good. FWIW, a lot of soft grippers are made from silicone, which is available in a wide range of durometers.
But it sounds like all you need is some foam tape or something like that. If you want to see what's done in industry, search on SOFT GRIPPER FOR ROBOT.
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Ed Huntress
We use some adhesive backed neoprene rubber that we get from McMaster Carr. I could look up a number, but it's probably better for you to just search on your own.... George H.
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Two things come to mind.
1) Friction tape is a low-adhesive doublesided black cloth tape which has a coating that resists slippage. It would be quickly replaceable at a competition, as well. I haven't bought any in 30+ years, but I figure it's still available. Ayup,
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2) Dip-it liquid plastic coating for tool handles might work for you, but I doubt it would be as stick as friction tape.
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Larry Jaques
Good one, Terry. Doublesided tape with foam shelf liner would both give it a depth and a stickiness. Better than friction, which would be 1-dimensional.
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The mounting tape is foam, too, so it will add to the 3D effect, enveloping any object picked up.
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Larry Jaques
How about coating the claw in plasti-dip paint? That's the stuff you can dip a tool handle into to give you a rubbery grip. Comes in dip and spray can in a lot of colors.
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Steve W.
I don't know about a sticker, exactly, but silicone materials usually are pretty grippy. If you can get silicone or vinyl tubing and attach it by wire ties or something like that, it will definitely work. You could get some large diameter vinyl tubing at the local hardware store and slit it to make a wide strip.
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Jon Elson
RTV. Red is high temp for wood stoves.
Put dots or lines. Dots are used on cloth gloves with green dots for grip.
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Martin Eastburn

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