How to do this?

I have the dash from a friend's Allard that needs some help. It is an
alum dash 18ga that needs stud mounts for the speedo and tach and the
dash itself mounts with studs to the body. I am making a new fascia
from 18ga alum. He wants to mount this from the back..(no bolts
showing). I thought about making a steel skeleton (not a full back
plate) with studs welded on, and attaching it to the back of the
facia. Is this the best way to attempt this problem? What say you? How
would the steel be best attached?
Most of the gauges will help hold the backer in place (outside flange,
inside clamp), but the tach and speedo are big mamajamas, and since
they are made from unobtanium, they should be securely fixed. The
originals were mounted through the dash, but as I said, he doesn't
like that .
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Maybe a "PEM" would work. Take a look at the concealed head (CH) style at
formatting link
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