How weird is this?

Just took delivery of my CQ9330C Chinese lathe and today i unpacked the
4-jaw chuck. I've imported the lathe direct out of China by doing a group
buy which has made a huge saving. Anyway, i live in New Zealand, that little
country down by Australia. The neighbourhood i live in is called Huapai a
surburb of Auckland city. Maori, the Indigenous peoples' of New Zealand,
gave this area the name Huapai and I am told it means place of good food.
Anyway, i take the chuck from it's packing and i immediately see a logo
which i immediately recognize.... HUA-PAI. How weird is that, just have to
ask? Imagine that a manufacture way up there in China uses my home town
native name for their product!!!
OK just a bit of trivia, but the lathe sure isn't too bad either.....
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Morris, Please forward to me or the group, the name and address of this HUA-PAI factory in China. TIA, Steve
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Steve Lusardi
Ooops i realise that this message looks like a spam attempt. Sorry folks it certainly isn't intended that way.
Yes, i joined in on a Group Buy arrangement where a 40ft container was loaded with the groups machines in Shanghai and shipped through to New Zealand.
This is the website in New Zealand for the gent procuring equipment in these schemes:
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This is the Haian lathe maker in China and i've just bought the little 520 which has powered xfeed:
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Anyday soon a milldrill arrives too (i can't wait) from:
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All this gear will let me me make the parts i need to do the interior on my latest kit car project. I was paying a machinist locally and everytime i visted i was demolishing my car-project budget quite badly.
*rest snipped*
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This sorta looks interesting. How much is it in NZ?
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"Cosmic upheaval is not so moving as a little child pondering the death of a sparrow in the corner of a barn." -Anouk Aimee, French Actor
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"MorrisTheCat" wrote in news:4078d090$
Maybe it's not such a coincidence. If you like history, try reading this:
"1421 The Year China Discovered the World" Gavin Menzies
He surmises that the Chinese had this incredible exploratory flotilla of 800 ships that sailed to dang near everywhere on Earth, and he has evidence to back up his claims!
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Not that weird. I was stationed in Italy sometime ago and ordered a bike maintanance stand from some US company. Good American tools they implied. Guess where the stand was made in -- Italy ;-)
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Jim K
The most believable part was the whole thing being shut down by the bureaucrats.
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