hunting for specific model steam engine plans

I've been through all my files, but cannot find what I'm looking for:
the plans for a small model steam engine - cylinder is horizontal and has
two elliptical holes diametrically opposite each other, channels in the
piston direct the steam alternately to each end of the cylinder. A pin in
the "drive side" of the piston engages with a coupling to convert its
motion, reciprocating and "wobbling", to rotary motion and thence to a
flywheel. I seem to remember the valving is somewhat similar to an
oscillating engine's.
Further suggestions included a twin with the output coupled by gears.
IF you recognise this description and have a copy of the plans (Pop.
Mechanics/Mech. Illust.?) I appreciate a scanned copy to:
mcgray at telus dot net (usual changes needed)
Mike in northcentral BC
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Michael Gray
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Hey Mike,
My brother Doug lives a couple miles north of Williams Lake. Where are you located?
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
Hi Brian, in Burns Lake, Gateway to Tweedsmuir Park, offering 3000 miles of fishing - well that's what the tourist blurbs say. What they don't say is "millions of hectares of red trees, including Tweedsmuir Park". Things are looking pretty sad around this country as your brother has probably told you what with mills running 3 day weeks or shutting all together. Here in Burns we only have Decker Lake Sawmills running full time but with only one shift; Babine Forest Products is shut for all of March is the latest. How're things in your neck of the woods? Mike
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Michael Gray
Was it a 5 cycle ? Mery or similar ?
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This is the Morrison Miniature Machine pages - lots of different engines. Might be able to locate the one you are looking for.
Michael Gray wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
I may know the one you mean. I recall seeing something similar. Give me a day of two to hunt through my hard drives to see if I can find it. -Al A.
Michael Gray wrote:
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Hey Mike,
Wow, you really are "central" BC! My map program show streets for like about 1500 people there??. My town has just under 1,000, but we are now part of Chatham-Kent, which is a whole county and has just over 100,000. We also have a rez a couple of miles away with another 1,000 population.
Well, both my brother and I are not exactly good ones to ask about the work situation. We're both retired ( he VERY recently), and living on fair pensions that I don't expect to see hit too hard by the latest economy (I hope-I hope-I hope!! He did mention in a phone call that a lot of rail jobs are sssssslllloooow due to the sawmill low production. He was a (former BC Rail) CN engineer out of Williams Lake, usually running up to Quesnel and back, with the odd trip to Prince George and summers running the Rocky Mountaineer into Whistler. And I live in the middle of the automotive industry here in SW Ontario, and things are definitely glum. I moved here from Windsor after I retired, and this little town has only two small manufacturing plants, one that makes farm silos and still seems busy, and one that makes tube bending machines so they may not see the downturn for a year or so. But Windsor, Chatham, St. Thomas, London and this area are hit pretty good. Headlines yesterday say 128,000 job losses in Canada in January, and over 70,000 of those in Ontario. Kinda tells the story right there. I was in a construction trade (elevators), and out Local is still very busy with current buildings going up, but the forecast is kinda shaky.
Doug says they had a lot of snow this year. We have too. How about you?
And has that new Prince Rupert container terminal made things busier for you at all?
Take care.
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Brian Lawson

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