Hot melt glue removal (tip of the day)

Ever need to remove that hot glue gun glue?
(polyethylene,..or whatever the stuff is)
Dribble/soak the joint with 99% isopropanol (rubbing alcohol).
The best applicator to use is a 2 oz. bottle with a blunt syringe tip.
NO open flames around! OK?!!
Let it sit for ~ 15 seconds (very important), and then tug/ pull away
at the glue blob.
It doesn't dissolve the glue itself, but it somehow seems to break the
bond between the glue & the surface it's glued to.
I doubt that it would work well on any textiles or porous surfaces,
but it works great for metal/plastic/glass smooth surfaces.
A co-worker showed me the trick, I can't take the credit.
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bart fired this volley in news:
Styrene Adipate will simply dissolve the glue. It's the recommended cleaner for commercial hot-glue dispensers.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Yeah, but can you get it at Ace Hardware? Bob
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Bob Engelhardt

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