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Model Doctor #116 CyA Tip Clogs Unstuck

One of the real hassles of using the gap filling CyA's is, as always, the clogged tip on the bottle. As everyone who uses it knows. even with the best of techniques, the nozzle gets clogged long before the CyA is gone. There are several ways to solve this problem.

  1. Cut off the tip. Now you are rid of the clog and with that 1/4" hole in the end of the nozzle the CyA is really easy to get out.
  2. Drill out the tip. Same as above but now you also have a drill that is full of glue.
  3. Throw the bottle across the shop and go get a new one. of course, if it's 11:30 on a Friday night you can kiss off wowing them with your new Belchfire 60 at the field Saturday.

Here is a solution that will work. Buy a package of extra tips and don't mutilate the tip when clogged. Instead, put it in a tightly capped jar (baby food or olive oil), filled with acetone. Acetone will dissolve the CyA and will not affect the nozzle. The next day it will be as good as new. Make sure the tip is dry and free of acetone before installing on the bottle. Remember, acetone is a fire hazard so treat it as such. From Jeff's R/C Aviation Web Page

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Steve Caple
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Thanks, that's a great tip -- I seem to be plagued by plugged alphacyanoacrylate glue bottle tips a lot.

For those who have been out the baby care loop for a while, baby food manufacturers (including Gerber) are going away from glass bottles and using plastic containers more and more. I'm not sure how they will hold up to acetone.

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Mark Mathu

Having in been involved with model aircraft for a few years, CA glue is something I know alot about! Here's another suggestion: when you by the spare tips, they always come with a loop or string of plastic of the same material the tip is made out of. This is meant to stick in the hole of the tip when you're done using it, and then pull out when you're ready. The CA doesn't stick to it, and it keeps the tip clear.

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