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Probably most of you know this one, and I'll expect some eye rolling. But I
posted this to our local message board and was surprised to see how many
users didn't know it.
We import a lot of AutoCAD geometry to sketches (I like the old cut-and-past
method). Auto dimensions and the move command work well to line things up,
but I have always then manually added the necessary relations - vertical,
horizontal, and most time-consuming, tangents.
Little did I know, if you select Tools>Relations> there is a "Constrain All"
available. Holy cow...this one could have saved me hundreds of hours over
the last several years. I hope it saves someone here some time.
Thanks to Bill Stadler on the SW Disucssion Forum.
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Richard Doyle
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I have used it many times, but don't always remember it. Thanks.
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Wayne Tiffany
Also, "constrain all" is accessible only if there are no previous relations in the geometry. Thanks for the reminder!
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