Model steam engine bits

I've been helping the the widow of a recently deceased model engineer
to dispose of the contents of his workshop and the remaining bits
appear to be pumps, valves and a boiler or heat exhanger. I'm not a
model engineer but I feel sure that some members will recognise them.
There is a piccy on my (pathetic) web page
formatting link

Item A. 70mm long x 79h (to top of lever). Weight 145g
Item B 62L x 60H 66g
Item C 50.6 dia x 87.8L. Has two connections at each end (in different
orientations) and one on the top. Cylinder looks to be about 16swg.
Item D 88H. Looks as though he made a mistake in tapping the holes in
the top flange but has corrected it. 125g
Item E 49H. 38g.
If anyone can make use of any or all of them I would accept any
reasonable offer - the money will go to the widow. Can be seen in
Tisbury, Wiltshire.
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a is a hand operated water feed pump c looks like a liquid gas tank ie propane etc e is a automatic lubricator Regards Maurice
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Can't help with the bits but it's a nice Nash. Bet she would look that happy if you put your foot down a bit.
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Charles Ping

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