MODEL POWER 4-6-2 Steam engine

Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me.
I have a MODEL POWER 4-6-2 (Pacific, I think) Steam engine.
I had 2 of these, and both motors have gone bad...they were original
and the older type of motors, that came with the engines.
Can anyone suggest a better motor that will fit in this engine, and
perhaps were I can pick one up? Although the space is limited, a
flywheel would be great. I have just installed a DCC decoder in this
puppy, and I would like to put in an upgraded motor.
Thanks for any help in advance.
Contact me at:
Magikul1 at aol dot com.
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Try Northwest Short Line at
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Look for a motor with dimensions similar to the Model Power original. If you want a flywheel, consider a double shaft motor so you can mount the drive gear at the forward end and the flywheel on the back end so it fits in the cab which will provide the most room. Check out the NWSL page of remotoring notes for some good suggestions. Geezer
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Seconded, NWSL is an excellent source, and they have loads of useful information. But you will have to do some fitting and fudging to install the motor. There's also the problem of gears - if you can pull the worm gear off the old motor, and the NWSL motor shaft fits, it will be an easy conversion. NWSL may even have a motor and geared driver set to fit, again, an easy conversion. Otherwise, it will be -- um, ah, erm, how do I say this politely -- a serious pain.
Oh yeah, the price will likely be about what you paid for the engine way back when. Maybe more.
IOW, unless these engines have great sentimental value for you, and you are handy with tools, I would not recommend remotoring them. But it's your engine, and truth to tell, I've done similar irrational upgrades and improvements on what would otherwise be junkers. Fun hobby, fixing old engines, isn't it? :-)
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