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I'm currently working on building up a dynamic model of a spark ignited engine in Matlab. This has turned out to be a bigger project than I initially expected. While I have a model running, it is of such low fidelity that I need to improve it. Modeling the engine is not my main goal; however, I need a good model for my real desire. I want to model the effect of clutch engagement.

Does anyone have a decent Matlab, not Simulink as I do not have a license, model? Or know where one is at?



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Bert Spellman
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you could try. comp.soft-sys.matlab

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I did a design project a few years ago was to model in Matlab the performance of a complete hybrid-car transmission system, including the engine, motor, clutch, and CVT. We did have to model power lost via the clutch during engagement also. I did the coding for the program, and I probably still have it around somewhere. It got pretty complex pretty quick, but it was accurate and we got cut a $1k check for some senior design competition about 2 months later after I graduated (which was kinda nice, although it was split 5 ways).

In regards to clutch engagement, whatever you're trying to figure out is usually a function of 4 variables: the clutch material coefficient of friction (which can be a function of material temperature), difference in clutch and engine rotational speed (delta-omega), clutch surface area/geometery, and clutch pressure (which is the biggest variable, and also determined by your foot). What exactly are you trying to determine? Power transmitted to the wheels from the engine while engaging? Heat produced during engagment?


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David Harper

Hi, a very accurate model of an engine is developed at DTU, denmark. I am not sure wether it's only a model of the motor running idle, and I'm not sure wether it is for Matlab or Simulink, however, you can read about it and download it from this page:

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Kristian Kassow

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Kristian Kassow

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