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I can't advise you one way or the other as tastes are so individual, but basically, I'd probably buy it for that if it was offered to me. ;o))

It is a fairly uncommon engine and was made (according to the "A-Z") for thirty odd years from the thirties to the sixties. Although they never made the Coburn, Petters took over spares supply for ten years, so the spares situation might not be entirely desperate. That said, if I was buying it, I'd not bank upon being able to get any spares other than by making them or causing them to be made.

A crucial matter is the magneto. If it is missing or cannot be induced to produce a regular spark, then a replacement is going to cost you at least as much as the engine. £40-£60 is not an unusual price to pay for a decent magneto these days.

In all likelihood you are not buying it with the intention of selling it on, but bear in mind that it is unlikely to fetch more than perhaps £100 in restored show order as air cooled engines are not as popular as water cooled - why, the good Lord alone knoweth!

Don't hesitate to ask further questions should you need to do so. This NG needs something to get it's corporate teeth into!


Kim Siddorn

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J K Siddorn
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Could somebody please advise me. I am totally new to stationary engines,and have been offered a Coburn (not sure if the spelling is correct). The engine is British built,and has a fuel tank divided internally to take petrol and TVO. It is a non runner with a few small bits missing. Are spares available still? The asking price is £35- Should I buy it? Many Thanks Colin

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Colin Spooner

Hi Colin,

I used to have a Coborn (correct spelling) petrol /paraffin C6 model. It had been wrecked by a hammer wielding gorilla internally, so I broke it for spares and they were snapped up quickly. The Coborn models (C3 and C6 that I know of) were very similar. I rather like them and think they are an attractive unit when restored.

What parts are missing?

On the face of it £35 sounds cheap enough, though if the magneto is missing as Kim says, then its dear to replace. Fortunately the Wico A mag is not a rare one, so you will get bits for the mag okay. I can help with photos of my one if you need to identify any parts.

Patrick Knight can supply a copy manual, contact me off line for his address if you're interested.

Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin

Colin, A nice simple first timer engine, built in Letchworth Herts, what are you missing because they could easily be made no doubt as part of the project. There is a young lad in out village with a C6 petrol, you dont see many Petrol/Parraffin ones.

Martin P

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