Diesel engine + PM generator control

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I am involved in a project where we have a diesel engine that has a permanent magnet DC generator attached directly to the fly wheel. We need to implement a control scheme for this generator set. The generator is going to be installed in a hybrid vehicle. At the moment we have a simulink model of the engine that captures the dynamic performance, and we also have a model of the PM machine.

We will be laying a power demand on the generator set and I am investigating the different methods that could be used to get the generator set to achieve the desired power demand. What about this - power control of the engine, with an inner speed control loop, based on engine lookup tables? Then just let the generator control electronics worry about delivering the power required?

I am wondering if anyone out there can point me to some previous work in this area or could possibly offer some advice from their own experiences.

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Russell Macpherson
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Does the generator feed a battery and then DC drive motors?

Did you consider an Alternator charging a battery?

In a hybrid the fossil fuel engine normally runs at the most efficient constant speed and charges a battery circuit, which maybe also charged with regenerative breaking power, and the stored power is used to power the wheels. Fossil fuel engine speed would be based on average charge level of the battery. Go somewhere and engine can run while stopped to recharge battery for use while driving.


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