Diesel engine Identification

I had a long chat with an ebay vendor yesterday whilst collecting a Pye
Galvanometer, and out of the blue he produced three pictures of an engine that
he asked if I could identify!
It emerged that he is into bikes and stuff like that, and came across this lump
recently while on holiday.
It bears similarities to the Diter engine that we have, bit I am not sure if it
was made by them, although the diesel equipment looks to be CAV, which might
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Files are largish to give some detail, 120kb to 160kb each.
There is no ownership attached, it is by an old pottery factory and has been
there for some time.
Peter & Rita Forbes
Engine pages for preservation info:
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Peter A Forbes
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Looks vaguely similar to a Slavia that I used to own.
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Lovely wildflower setting Peter. Is it in the UK?
Kim Siddorn,
engine that he asked if I could identify!
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J K Siddorn
No, it's rather warmer and farther south....
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Peter A Forbes

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