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I'm chuffed with my Piston oil ring, I emailed the site on internal fire Sunday night, had an answer Monday, my wife ordered it on the Tuesday, it arrived whilst I was in Italy at a United Nations Training course :-)) on the Thursday, and this morning I fitted it. I of course glaze busted the bore, I could not find the proper tool for honing bores so took myself off to Halfords but the one they had would only go up to 89 mm, I needed 100 mm so made one using heavy grade emery a piece of turned aluminium and some flexible nylon rod to put in my drill. Did the job a treat fitted the piston using a ring compressor ( I know " Horse and door"). The best thing was that after I finished honing the bore I found my proper tool. As I have the head off I will tickle the valves etc, I am having my other toe nail removed tomorrow ( cringe) so I am off for the rest of the week resting it so may finish engine and have it running, got to do something to pass the time :-))

If my foot allows me I may take it to Lamport hall next weekend nr Northampton for a decent workout.

Martin P

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