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Hi all,

This is probably wishful thinking, but other than a full sized diesel engine in a tractor-trailer rig, are there any other 1:24/1:25 truck kits that have a diesel engine that would be a suitable size for an industrial sized auxiliary engine?

For example, something similar to these John Deere units:

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Or, alternatively, do the 1/32 tractor trailer kits include engines?



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Ken Hartlen
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Ertl made a pair of John Deere tractors in 1:25 scale, which were reissued in

1999 or 2000 by AMT/Ertl. One was a farm tractor out of the 1970's, the other was a backhoe. Both of them have 4-cylinder diesel engines, the one in the backhoe being the smaller of the two.

They are still floating around out there too.

Art Anderson

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Hello Ken:

there was some diecast diesel engines made in minutre, 1/25th scale, I don't know who made them , But I have seen them on ebay

the only other thing I can think of is to try model railroading supply places, some people buy these motors for loads and for diorama scenes

take care


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