Civilian Vehicles in 1/72

Just got back from Berkeley Ace Hardware with four neat 1/72 diecast pickup
trucks. One is a GMC Sierra with King Cab, the other is a Ford F150.Each is
available in CDF or USFS colors and markings. They come in blister packets from
Boley for $7.99 each.
Quality is the same as the wonderful extensive line from Hongwell, sold in many
stores under the Carorama label. Interiors are very detailed, but are solid
black. Tailgates drop, wheels are protypical to GMC and Ford.
Boley is a distributor and there is no manufacturer shown anywhere. Anyone know
the origin? They don't appear on the Hongwell site. Beware of the packaging.
Upper right corner states "Dept 1-87", "1/72 Scale" appears in the lower right
corner, which is accurate.
Is there anyone out there who is interested in civilian vehicles in 1/72? In
gathering information for ESM 72 I've found scores of cicilian cars, trucks,
etc. from many periods in die cast, cast resin and injection molded, both as
models and kits. Drop me a line if you want to discuss it.
Happy modeling,
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Civilian vehicles? 1/72??? By all means!
I recall seeing a couple of Danish (?) produced model truck kits - I believe it was an Iveco and a Scania - in a toy store many, many years ago. I don't recall the maker, and I haven't seen them since. And I failed to buy them at the time!!! :-(
Some people may recall photographs of a "funny" situation during the Korean war, where a Short Sunderland is floating in the water at a beach, one wing up, due to nightly damage. On land, a Martin Mariner stands beached behind what appears to be a parking lot, where several civilian cars are parked. Ever since I saw this picture the first time, I have wanted to build it as a diorama. I have the Airfix Sunderland, and Mach2 makes the Mariner, so all that's left is to identify the cars and find suitable kits! :-)
Also, for Danish AF dioramas, VW Transporters of all ages and kinds are a must.
I suppose with 1/76 being a common railroad scale in GB, they may have a rather large range. Perhaps one should search the * sites.
I have always hesitated at die-cast "toy" cars, as they typically will need quite some modification to become true models. Windshields and interiors are typically simple one-piece inserts, for example. And often, the exact scale is hard to determine, and even when a scale is declared explicitly, it is not always correct.
(The same applies to the toy "screw-together" pre-painted airplane model "kits", which our local toy store seems to prefer over the real thing.)
One thing I'd like to see is entrepreneur vehicles: Dozers, steam rollers, cranes, etc.
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Lasse Hillerøe Petersen
Do a quick search for Langley Models. They're a UK-based OO railroading company who do some very nice white metal vehicles, including a great number of contruction vehicles such as those in which you're interested.
Mark Levine
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Mark Levine
The Danish truck kits were made by Skankits and there were six tractor units and a box semi-trailer. The moulds were obtained by a UK company and the kits were distributed here by Amerang. They also distributed a range of older vehicles produced by other companies. These included steam vehicles amongst others and were all of British vehicles. They seem to have gone out of production as I haven't sen them in the shops for several years.
I'd be interested in any civilian vehicle models in 1/72nd or 1/76th scale that you know of.
Gordon McLaughlin
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Gordon McLaughlin
If someone's interested, PJ Productions offer a few resin civilian vehicles in 1/72 scale, among them a Volkswagen Transporter
There's even a Volkswagen Combi in 1/48 scale
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- William
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