Macchi MB-326 in 1/72

hello all,
does anyone know of a kit out there for the Macchi jet trainer
MB-326. I have the Italeri Kit in 1/48 im using for the RAAF version
but want to do the Royal Australian Navy version in 1/72.
many thanks
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Hey Tom!
Help us out here. IIRC I believe that there was one out by Heller a couple decades ago. I may be wrong though.
Hope this helps!
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Drew Hill
Supermodel make Macchi kits, from what I've seen these are the most commonly used kit for doing the Aussie Macchis. Most of the resin guys offer conversion kits to suit. Gary Byk at Red Roo would be worth contacting as he writes the reference materials, does the decals, and the resin conversions.
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The Raven
Supermodel made one and it's still in the main Squadron catalogue. Whether they actually have any is hard to say but I'd contact them and ask were I you.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Mad Modeller
None by Heller. Injection molded kits by Aero 72 and Supermodel. Supermodel also does the MB.326K.
Aeroclub also does a MB.326 with a mix of injecton Molded/Vacuform/Cast Metal kit in 1/72.
There are a couple of Italian cast resin, vacuform and fibreglass kits and Cunarmodel did a MB.326 B/E/G/L Xavante injecton molded kit and a seperate MB.326K Impala II.
Bottom line is Supermodel.
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Thanks to all for you tips. i will check out squadron and ebay for supermodel. i have never done one of their kits but am eager to find it.
many thanks
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Hi Daniel,
Supermodel kit is definitely the pick of the bunch in 72nd scale. I have the Aeroclub kit, and while it is a nice kit it will need a fair amount of work to get it built nicely.
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Chris Daley

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