Q: Italeri and Trumpeter 1:72 Wellington

I have seen sealed boxes of both these 1/72 scale kits, and wonder if
the Trumpeter one includes a detailed bomb bay with ordinance? I
cannot find any review of the 1:72 Trumpeter kit, but the 1:48 one
does have a bomb bay, although no ordinance.
Review of Italeri's 1:72 Wellington Mk.X (no bomb bay details):
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Photos of Trumpeter's 1:48 Wellington Mk.IC/III (no ordinance, but
bomb bay details included):
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Any help appreciated. This weekend I may buy another kit and will see
if the shop (not a hobby shop) will let me look in the box.
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Gernot Hassenpflug
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Here's photos of the sprues for the 1/72 scale model:
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don't see any bombs, but the roof of the bomb bay and bomb bay doors are visible.
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Pat Flannery
Ah, thanks! Looks like the 1:48 kit was scaled down---unlike the way Tamiya does things (I bought the 1:48 Mossie because the 1:72 version does not have bomb bay details). Sadly, it looks like the fabric has been seriously overdone, I wonder what the fit is like! I think I will wait for a bild review before I buy this baby...
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Gernot Hassenpflug

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