No Squadron flyer with model.

I used to always get flyers with my orders. Just got the Trumpeter
Condor and just got a few pieces of newspaper instead.
First the subscriber special is gone, and now no flyers.
Guess they won't get my $5.00 next time. No need to get a flyer so
late in the month and have the perk taken away....
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Actually the 1/32 RM Salamander is now up as a Sub Special
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when they redid their website there was no sign of the special..I figured they took it away as there have been no specials for ages.
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No flyer here in Baltimore, Maryland yet either! Oh well, I spent $40 in my local hobby shop this morning so it is probably just as well.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
May be just bad luck this time - yesterday I received 1/2 dozen 1/72 armor kits I ordered from them, and a flyer was included. Might have had a new packer, or somebody not paying attention. Over the last three months, I've ordered three times and received flyers with each shipment.
Chris Kansas City
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Email them and explain this to them. They probably will mail you one ASAP. I've purchased from Squadron for a long time and find that if there is a problem they are quick to correct it.
Kaliste Saloom IPMS #30703 Lafayette, LA
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Kaliste Saloom

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