Looking for 16sqn Buccaneer markings in 1/72

I was asked by a former 16sqn Buccaneer pilot to see whether there are
16sqn Buccaneer markings. He want to modify a Corgi die-cast 1/72
Buccaneer into an aircraft from his former squadron. So basically he only
wants the squadron markings (Saint and keys). I found two aftermarket
sheets that have 16sqn Buccaneer markings:
Check Six sheet 7205 from around 1995
Model Alliance 72-101 from 2003
Does anyone have these, and is willing to sell the 16sqn part? Thanks in
Rob de Bie
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Rob de Bie
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i have a lot of sheets, RAF, modeldecal and others, not the 2 you mention but wouldnt saint and keys off another a/c if the same size etc do? may help your search.
If no luck give me more info and i will sig thru all my collection
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