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I have a friend of mine who has found 20 model aircraft in Metal made by Edison Airlines? can anyone tell me something about this company and the eventual source for info concenrning their collectability?



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They were produced as toys in 1969. Cast metal with a somewhat soft plastic for details and struts. Markings were appropriate and were press-on printed color paper. Each model was presented in a hard clear plastic octogon shaped box.

The line consisted of: Ansaldo A.1 Balilla Aviatik-Berg D.I Fokker Dr.I Granville Gee Bee Gregor FDB-1 Hansa-Brandenburg D.I Macchi MC.72 Nieuport N.11 RAF SE.5a Sopwith Baby SPAD S.XIII Supermarine S.5 Boley re-issued the line (except for the Supermarine S.5) last year under their Classic Planes logo. Packaging is blister pack. Markings are still press-on printed color paper, but they are horrible garish stuff with no relation to the originals. The Gregor is given as a Grumman F3F, the Macchi MC.72 is presented with Supermarine S.5 markings.

I picked mine up at Berkeley Ace Hardware's basement hobby shop. Might be hard to find in hobby shops. Try toy stores.

Data from ESM 72. Subscription information on request.


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Thanks Maiesm72 The ones I have seen are in the presentation boxm so they are the original release. What is the country of origin of the companym as I cannot find any trace on the net.

Regards Max

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