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I have been commissioned to build of model of the 303rd BG B-17G the
"Bonnie-B". The toughest part of this build is going to be the decals for
the markings. Mike Grant in Canada has made some decals for me in the past
but the last thing I heard was that he is not presently doing this due to
personal reasons.that a posting was made in this group about another source
for special decal printing. Does anyone know who this alternate source may
be? I have the basic information regarding markings for this plane from "The
Mighty Eighth" book but I would appreciate finding any other reference
material sites - books or online sources. I have found the 303rd BG website
but any other info would be most welcome. Thanks in advance for any help
Keep 'em flyin'!
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Yes, Barney Kable of Virginia does great work. I'd give you his e-mail ady but it's in the other half of my (electronic) brain here (long story :]). He will probably reply before I track it down but he does excellent work from pictures and drawings.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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